Welcome to our Artificial Intelligent R&D blog!

We already have our first production service using machine learning – the learning analytics predicator.  The next stage of our work is split into two areas – helping members explorer and understand how AI can be used, and producing prototypes for candidate services.

Exploring AI

We’ve already run a series of workshops around chatbots – you can read more about this work in the blog post ‘Chatbots – Now is the time‘ . and ‘Everything you wanted to know about chatbots but were afraid to ask

We’re following this up with the development of an AI Playground – we think the best way to demystify AI and start exploring how it might help you is to let you get hands on with it!  AI playground will let you explore and try tools such as sentiment analysis, image recognition, and chatbots

AI Playground will get its internal previous early March, and we hope to be able to share it more widely shorty afterwards.

Applying AI

We’re at the early stage of exploring a range of candidate services underpinned by AI – these are a few of the them:

  • Essay Mill Detection – for obvious reasons we won’t describe how exactly we are doing this!  We are creating a prototype service that will identify whether an essay was written by the student or someone else, to help tackle the ever growing issue of ‘essay mills’.
  • JiscBot and UniBots – JiscBot is our own internal demonstrator bot, connected to Slack and answering questions about Jisc.  We’re using the lessons learn from this to create a demonstrator UniBots, which can sit on sources such as Jisc’s Learning Data Hub.
  • OfficeBot – Office bot is an automation bot, currently sitting on Office365,  exploring how we can use bots to solve problems such as this: Teachers tired of pointless emails
  • Campus Sentiment Analysis – part of our Intelligent Campus workshop, exploring how we can understand how students feel about the campus, and how this can affect learning.

We’ll share more information on these as they develop.


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